World Class Infrastructure


Facilities at Industrial Park

CC Roads with LED Street lights

All the roads are designed by keeping in mind hassle-free movement of heavy-duty vehicles used for logistics in India and are of national highway standards of minimum two-lane highways.

The main approach road is 24 Mt. wide RCC road equivalent to a two-lane highway. The main road of the park is 18 Mt. wide with central divider and all the Internal roads are 15 Mt. wide with minimum CC equals to two lane highway.

Consequently, the intersections have been kept at grade only. Beautiful roundabouts are provided on major intersections. The design of the intersections is aimed at facilitating safe traffic movements by providing full traffic information by way of signs and pavement markings.

Water Supply Network

A centralized water storage system has been planned by dedicated borewells through underground sump and beautifully designed overhead tank with combined capacity of around 15 lakh litres with extra provision of the raw water from JMC main line which will be carried by Sasoi Dam. This well- planned and adequate water supply will be provided to each unit of the park.

All the units will have Digital water meters and each plot holder will be able to view the data from touch of a button. Moreover, such Water supply capacity will exceed GIDC criteria of 13.1 KLD per Hectare.

Sewage Treatment Plant & Underground Drainage

The underground drainage line is provided till every Individual plot of the park. It is directly connected to the proposed Sewage Treatment Plant through D.W.C Pipes. On all the roads, wastewater conveyance lines have been provided on both sides of the road. The total length of Wastewater Conveyance pipes is 8433.4 metres.

The sewerage conveyance system has the capacity to process 100% supplied water of the Park. The system connects to the Sewerage Treatment Plant which is located into Two zones and is identified within the park & it is proposed to treat the sewerage with GPCB norms for the reuse.

Storm Water Drainage & Rainwater harvesting

The entire park is levelled above 1 metre from cross drain of highway to prevent the rainwater intrusion from outside. At the Main Approach road, both side open RCC Channels have been constructed for storm water disposal.

The entire storm water drainage system for the Park has been planned to utilize the natural slopes with integration of rainwater harvesting. The disposal points are planned at different strategic locations with 2 open wells and 3 bore wells to recharge the water.

Admin Building

A beautifully designed and state of the art admin building is designed with 6000 sq ft carpet area to run the park smoothly. A huge open garden area with Common reception, Dinning hall, Video conference hall, Estate manager’s cabin, staff seating, President’s cabin, CCTV control room and first aid Medical Kit are some of the many facets of this building to ensure operational excellence of the amenities provided at the park.

Fire Fighting Network

During any unforeseen event of fire, the fire hydrant network of the park with 100% coverage of the entire park will be activated. External fire hydrants have been provided at strategic locations with separate pipeline and pumping with extra 3 lakh water storage capacity for firefighting.

Warehouse Facility

As per your requirement we can provide constructed warehouse ranging from 8000 sq ft to 2,00,000 sq ft on rental basis to serve all your logistical purposes. It will be your own lock and key premises with all ready amenities of electricity, water, sewage, storm water drainage and 24x7 common security.


More than 100 CCTV cameras will keep close watch with 100 % coverage of all common areas; dedicated staff will monitor the cameras from hi tech control room situated in the Admin building.

Weigh Bridge

The park contains one weighbridge that is centrally located of 60 Tone capacity

Security & Compound wall

Entire park is covered with RCC framework and CC blocks. The total length of the compound wall is 5348 Metres and with 2 metres of Height. The entire park is secured with a gated community with 24 x 7 highly trained security guards to ensure no intrusion is possible from the periphery.

Common Green space with parking facility

The park exhibits its lush green common area with potable water taps, common toilets and gazebos. This will not only give comfortable stopovers for lorry drivers and workers but will also act as recreational spaces. Keeping in mind environment, we have grown more than 5000 trees with drip irrigation facility for curing of the trees.

Street Lights

LED streetlights covers each corner of the park and gives daytime effect in the darkest hour of the night.